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Vredefweg 2A

Long Dog Gin

(9 customer reviews)


Distilled with red grapefruit and blood orange, Long Dog Gin is packed full of juicy citrus.





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Highly Commended – The Gin Guide Awards 2022

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Neat on the nose, there’s lots of layered citrus, slight sweetness, touch of spice. On the palate, it’s got a gorgeous soft mouthfeel, despite the heavy citrus layers, they stick to the finish with a classic grapefruit bitterness, whilst up front is lots of light warming spice.


In a G&T, the nose is citrussy, but juniper heavy. The palate gives off lots of citrus, with a big bite of grapefruit bitterness. It’s a refreshing G&T, ideal to enjoy on the patio, in the sunshine with a big slice of pink grapefruit.

9 reviews for Long Dog Gin

  1. Rachel Paul

    Really impressed with this gin! Lovely citrus flavour and goes so well with mediterranean tonic. Will definitely be repurchasing soon!

  2. Sean Strange

    I had this with Batch Innovations as part of an exclusive monthly subscription and I must say, I absolutely LOVED this! Would highly recommend with Mediterranean tonic and a slice of grapefruit. Will be sure to grab another bottle soon!

  3. Thomas Moylan

    I tried Long Dog for the first time and was instantly won over. Smoothest gin I have tasted in a long time. Can’t wait for my bottle.

  4. Heather Murdoch

    I recently won a bottle of Long Dog Gin and can honestly say, having tried lots of gins, that it’s super delicious! My new favourite gin and although I don’t drink a lot, I’ll definitely be ordering another bottle when I’ve finished this one. Love the citrus flavour and perfect for winter evenings in watching Strictly (with my very own long dog on my knee!) 🙂

  5. Jacob

    Long Dog

    Bought this gin for the in-laws who think of themselves as gin connoisseurs and they absolutely loved it. I had some myself and the flavour was sublime and at 44% you get a lot of bang for your buck! Perfect christmas gift with the matching glasses.

  6. Francesca Tammaro

    Lovely tasting Gin. My favourite!

  7. Sean Strange (verified owner)

    One of my favourite gins! I was first introduced to this with my membership with Batch Innovations and it really was a game changer! Had a couple of bottles since and would highly recommend!

  8. Sarah Woodhall (verified owner)

    I saw an article in Lancashire Life about Long Dog Gin and thought I would give it a go as I’m local to where it is produced. I was not disappointed! A really smooth taste and no bitterness which you can get with some gins. Highly impressed and I will be getting some more 😀🍸

  9. Rob Ashton

    Amazingly good Gin, The delicate and well balanced flavours all come together for a refreshingly smooth Gin experience. Cannot recommend this Gin highly enough, since being introduced to Long Dog Gin it has become by far, my favourite Gin.

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